Notebook and Book Dust Jackets

We understand that you are looking for other exciting and nifty accessories, products or even  gift sets. After all, a matchy-matchy theme for your pen kimonos, cases and wraps, and even your collection is always fun. Seeing this niche as an opportunity to utilize our interesting fabric stash in another creative and useful way, we have expanded our line to include the production of cloth notebook and book dust jackets, covers and sleeves.

A writer needs a trusty notebook to write just as a bookworm would have books to love.

If you are a fountain pen enthusiast exercising your hobbies and skills in writing and/or drawing, a notebook cover and sleeve can effectively wrap, secure and protect your favorite and important notebook from wear and tear. Meanwhile, our book sleeves and covers are as effective as dust jackets of hard bound. With our Book and Notebook Dust Covers and Sleeves, you can easily wash, clean, maintain and reuse conveniently. Being made from cotton fabrics also makes them more durable and sustainable than using plastic covers. And they could last a long time serving you.

Gav N Sav’s Notebook and Book Dust Jackets, Covers and Sleeves are not bulky. They are perfect as first protective layer to your important notes and reads. And they are available in various styles, with prints and colors that are lovely, too.

Choose from a variety of designs for notebooks and books of different sizes. And in case you have particular measurement or size in mind, you can always send us a message for bespoke orders.

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