Interesting and Uniquely Local

Proudly made in the Philippines and keeping it close to our heart

We make sure to focus on making each item unique. These pen wraps with logo were made exclusively for the Manila Pen Show last 2019

A Homegrown Business

Our homegrown business started out in a small room where we used previously hoarded fabrics. Over the years, we have partnered with several home makers whom we’ve commissioned to sew parts of our wraps.

Although we are a small home based micro enterprise, we have been able to provide a livelihood to at least one home at any one point in time.

Protect your Kasama Pens in style with Gav & Sav Pen Wraps!
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Especially at the peak of the pandemic where our partners needed steady income, we contributed to them to the best of our capacity. On top of it, we doubled our production rate even when there was no immediate customer in need. This ensured a continual support for them at a time of the COVID19 crisis.

We took advantage of the slow business to build further our inventory. But even with the increased production, we remained true to our initial vision and commitment to produce only excellent, one of a kind pieces.

Remarkably Distinct

Our products are remarkably distinct because of the way we combine materials, in addition to the carefully selected adornments that we use for each handcrafted item. Thus, no pen wrap, pen kimono, notebook cover or any other craft from Gav n Sav are exactly alike. Some products may have the same fabric print and colored lining combination, but none of which will have the same print placement as any other item in the same product category.

Furthermore, the options to mix and match designs in combination with one-of-a -kind embellishments, thread colors and the different ways to close a pen wrap allows us to make each piece truly out of the ordinary.

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Our passion translated in each creation. Find something unique today!

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