A: Occasionally and depending on the workload, we do accept special, bespoke orders. However, please note that the average waiting time from start to finishing a request is about two months. 

A: For all credit card transactions, you may pay through PayPal. For local (Philippines) clients who wish to send payment through bank deposit, please send us an email to reserve the item/s you want to purchase. The item/s will be reserved to you for a period of 48 hours to give you time to pay and to send us your proof of payment. As of the moment, the only local bank transfer that we accept is through BPI. 

A: Shipping Cost

At the moment while we are still new in the online business and we are still determining the correct rates per quantity and destination, and meanwhile as the other e-commerce plugins are currently being worked out, our shipping fees will be pegged on a fixed rate.

This means that there may be a slight variation between the shipping fee you’ve paid compared to actual and depending on the Forex exchange at the time of purchase

* Due to very high cost of courier fees compared to actual products, group buy is encouraged. For any questions regarding shipping rates, please send us an email and we will get back to you soonest. 

Additional notice on shipping:

Please note that the Gav N Sav online store and its inventory is currently housed in a small home-based office with very limited(family) staff. After payment completion, it will take one (1) to two (2) working days for your item/s to be packed and prepared. 

For local shipping (Within the Philippines)

After packing, allow 1-2 business days for the courier to pick and invoice order/s. For deliveries within Metro Manila, you may expect your items to be delivered within 3 working days from courier invoicing date, unless weather does not permit it. In which case, your item/s may take some time to be delivered.

For International Shipping

Please allow 1-2 business days for your order/s to be brought to the DHL site after it has been packed and prepared. Delivery timelines is estimated to be at least 3 days before it reaches the country of destination. Other factors such as custom clearance may add some delays.

Other options for shipping are also available, but may take longer. Send us an email to know more. 

A: as soon as your order has been shipped you will receive an email from us indicating the tracking information. You may also track it by visiting the website of the courier. 

During this time we shall mark your order status as shipped/completed.

* Please note that depending on the pandemic status at the time of shipment from the Philippines and to the country of destination, it may incur some delays. 

Any time that you wish to follow up on your order, you may send an email inquiry. Please click here to send us an email.

A: As soon as you noticed a mistake in the information you provided, please alert us immediately through email and through our Instagram account.

Because of the pandemic restrictions and new regulations, there had been occasions when the receiving courier in the Philippines opens the already secured and wrapped items to ship for their own inspections and prior to accepting and invoicing. Sometimes it can cause damage to the outer packaging we had provided. Be assured that all items are wrapped in clear plastic for easy visibility of contents by inspecting courier personnel before we pack it in another secured packaging. In addition, Customs Officers in your country may also attempt to open the package when it arrives. 

If for any reason, your order has been damaged or if an item is missing, please send your reports here together with photos of your package as you have received them.

More Grail Pens!
More Grail Pens!

Important notice!!

Please note that when we send your items, we will reflect the amount you have paid to purchase them. We will also mark your items as merchandise. 

As the sending party, we are informing you ahead of time that we don’t have enough knowledge on the taxes and duties your country may impose on imported goods. We trust that you check these yourself before making a purchase with us. 

Our products are carefully made. In any instance that you choose to return the product you purchased, please refer to the following requirements:

  1. You must inform us the reason why you are returning the item/s you’ve purchased through email within 2 days after the receipt date. Click here to send email.
  2. As the item/s are made of cloth, please ensure to keep and return the item/s purchased in its original packaging together with all the freebies(if any) that were included in it.
  3. You must be willing to pay for the shipping fees of the returning goods (items purchased) as well as the shipping fee for the exchanged item/s (if any).
  4. The item/s must be sent back within 2 days from your email notification.
  5. Exchange or refund will be processed within 3 business days from receipt of the returned items. 
  6. For any exchanged item/s the same shipping timeline applies. Click here(leads back to the Q&A on shipping. 
  7. If you go for a refund instead of exchanging the item/s, know that a processing fee of no more than Php 550.00 will be deducted from the amount to be returned back to you after we received the returned product/s. This fee will be used to pay for the warehousing fees being charged to us by courier for goods received. Additionally, a minimum of Php 500.00 may also be charged/deducted for each item returned that is damaged. 
30 FAQs_Gav and Sav

A: Most fountain pens can fit in any of our different kinds of pen wraps and rolls. If you have concerns regarding the height of a pen wrap, or the width and height of slots and sleeves, please see the description section of the product you are purchasing. You may also find measurements here: Gav N Sav Pen Wrap Sizes and Measurements

A: We use fabrics made of cotton (except for some rare occasions that we use silk). As such, it can be easily maintained through gentle washing using mild soap. Do note that sometimes, fabric dyes are not totally eliminated when we pre-soak and wash the materials prior to sewing. We recommend that you wash your wrap separately to avoid staining other light-colored clothes.

 For stains, you may lightly brush the stained area. Then rinse. Please note not to wring your wrap, instead hang or lay it flat to dry.

Our wraps, like our clothes, can get old as we use and wash them often. If you take care of your wraps well, you can enjoy them for many years like our own personally used wraps which at 5 years old still looks like new. 

A:  If you have further questions or concerns not addressed by the FAQ’s, please send us a quick note.

Answer: Please click this video for a quick visual instructions:  https://youtu.be/_GtNlzFANPc

When you send us an email and provide your personal identification, we will use them to process your concerns. We may use it again afterwards to improve our understanding of your interest by sending you information about our new products, discounts and promos, or changes in our website that you may find valuable.

If you prefer not to receive notifications, please click the unsubscribe at the email that you will receive.

When you place your order with us, we will be requiring you to provide personal information for us to process your purchase/s. When we send your purchase/s, we will be providing the information you’ve given us to the courier who will deliver your items. 

Sometimes information such as your email may be used after sales in order for us to send you promos and discounts which you may be interested in. If you prefer not to receive notifications, please click the unsubscribe at the email that you will receive.

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