A6 Notebook Dust Jackets

Common to both work and play is creativity. What better way to keep an A6 notebook than by having it beautifully covered with a Gav & Sav notebook sleeve. Practical and convenient in protecting your notes and notebook from wear and tear.

To jumpstart your creative journey in everything that you do, we have created one-of-a-kind, unique, notebook-wrap-sleeves for your enjoyment and pleasure. We used carefully selected premium cotton fabric prints  and paired them with different colored lining to come up with beautiful pieces. Our fresh take on notebook jackets and sleeves that allows convenience in life.

The Gav & Sav A6 notebook cover sleeves and dust jackets are available in different styles and designs. And with any of the listed feature included in any of our notebook dust covers:

  • Pen loops/slots to close a notebook and to have your favorite fountain pen secured together with the notebook for easy access.
  • Extra pen pockets and sleeves which you can utilize to keep a pen, or a small notes and reminders; readily and conveniently available when you need them quickly.
  • Reversible sleeves to pin a well-loved pin back buttons, or add badges to style. The reversible feature also allows different front covers as your mood changes.
  • Extended back flap that can be adjusted to accommodate thicker A6 notebooks.

Each notebook feature thoughtfully and creatively made to suit your different needs and preferences. How cool, right?

Find the best print, color and design among our wide range of selection to suit your personality, taste and preference. And be inspired to write, draw or create your ideas however you want it. Use a Gav & Sav, eco-friendly A6 notebook cover sleeves and jackets for everyday use.

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