Supporting Sustainability

Fueled with a spark of creativity,we are always thinking of new designs

But more than the profit, we make each of our product distinct and personalized and out of our passion for the craft

Getting things right means repeating the process a dozen times over.

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Sustainable Materials

During production, a lot of cotton fabric is consumed to come up with a new design or product. But being a business that started from home, we take pride in responsibly using all our materials and resources to sustain us.

0% Waste

We always make sure that not a single piece of fabric goes to waste. Excess fabrics from the initial production are kept and saved and always find their way back during the production of smaller items.

24 Supporting Sustainability_Zero waste

Eco Innovation

Although smaller items are harder to make, we allot time to ensure that our venture to innovate does not overlook our commitment to environmental sustainability.

Get the best quality and eco-friendly creations right here!

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