Reversible Notebook Sleeves

Reversible notebook sleeves are the latest addition to our products. It was designed to optimize usability and function.

The two pen-loops or slots in the middle are not only meant as its closing mechanism. Its midway location is intentional and thoughtfully considered as a useful design. This way the inner side and sleeve can be flipped out to be used as the outer cover as moods and style changes. And with more options to a two-way or non-directional fabric, allowing any of the four sleeves to be used as front cover. Flexible and always fun, one notebook sleeve can have at least two or sometimes four different front covers!  Amazing, right?

This type of notebook sleeve also allows its owner to add own style. Through the use of accessories like button badges and pin-back buttons to further personalize. A quick note for reminders can easily slide in its accessible sleeve.

Discover and find the best prints for your favorite notebooks or buy them as gifts. They are lovely on their own or even more beautiful when paired with any fountain pen, and with any of our pen wraps. Get a reversible notebook sleeves today and have fun using it.

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