A6 Removable Notebook Jacket


      • Made of cotton material
      • Size A6 approximated measurements:
        • Total length spread: 24.13 cm (9.5 in)
        • Can fit notebook with the following specifications:
          • H x W: 6” x 4.5” (15.24 cm x 11.5 cm) and thickness of up to .78″ (2 cm)
        • Weight of notebook sleeves 45 grams

Note:  There might be a slight variance in the measurements as each of our products are hand-sewn one at a time.

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Gav & Sav’s A6 removable notebook jacket are more than just pretty wraps and covers. They are fun, unique and full of character. Made from fabrics, the wraps weigh less compared to leather. It is also easy to use, wash and maintain. Also, it makes organizing a A6 notebook and a pen together always a pleasure with its pen loops! Get this A6 removable notebook jacket today and a few more to match your pens and your different moods. 

Additional note on this product: This notebook was made with a lot of care and attention. The print of this wrap came from the scraps we cut away from our made-to-order requests. It was small, but we were able to find a way to use it. When you buy this notebook cover, you do not only get an effective and pretty wrap at a discounted price* for your A6 notebook. You also help us in our endeavor and commitment for a zero waste management. 🙏

*This listing do not show the sale banner but priced low as part of our hidden promo discount for Christmas. First to notice and first to buy this product gets it.

Merry Christmas! Be sure to check from time to time for other hidden promos!!


Weight 0.045 kg
Dimensions 24.13 × 2 × 15.24 cm


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