A5-Notebook-Sleeve and Pen-wrap Set


  • Washable and eco-friendly notebook wrap and pen wrap set
  • A5 Reversible Notebook sleeve
    • Product approximated measurements:
      • Total length spread: 13″ (33.02 cm)
      • Can fit notebook with the following specifications:
        • L x W: 8.26” x 5.7” (21 cm x 14.5 cm) and thickness of up to .78″ (2 cm)
      • Weight of notebook sleeves 98 grams
  • Matching 6-slots with flap regular size
    • Approximated measurements:
      • L x W: 9.5” x 7.5” (24.13 cm x 19.05 cm)
      • Pen slot width: 1.5” (3.8 cm)
      • Pen slot length: 5.25” (13.33 cm)
      • Can accommodate pens with a height of 6.9″ (comfortable 6.5″)
      • Weight: 80 grams
  •  Matching 6-slots peek-a-boo pen wrap in Regular size
    • Approximated measurements:
      • L x W: 8.07” x  6” (21 cm x  15.24 cm)
      • Pen slot width: 1.30” (3.25 cm)
      • Pen slot height: 6″ (15.24 cm)
      • Can accommodate pens with a height of 6″and below
      • Weight: 38.5 grams
  •  Matching 6-slots peek-a-boo pen wrap in Mini size
    • Approximated measurements:
      • L x W: 8.07” x  5” (21 cm x  12.7 cm)
      • Pen slot width: 1.30” (3.25 cm)
      • Pen slot length: 5″ (12.7 cm)
      • Can accommodate pens with a height of 5″and below
      • Weight: 33 grams
  • Combined total weight of the set 249.5 grams

Note:  There might be a slight variance in the measurements as the products were hand-sewn one at a time.

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If you like fountain pens and anything vintage, you will love this A5-Notebook-Sleeve and Pen-wrap Set. It has a soothing shabbilicious feel of comfort of time gone by. And its eclectic, cursive penmanship print over coffee-stained-like background will look great as wraps for any notebook or fountain pen. Moreover, the cotton material is ideal to use with fountain pens. As it is kind and non-abrasive, it is perfect for daily use. To protect a favorite A5 journal notebook and several well-loved fountain pens from bumps and scratches.

The set includes a reversible A5 notebook sleeve and two (2) flapless peek-a-boo pen wraps. The reversible A5 cover is our own unique innovation, featuring different front covers in a single product. Such a fun spin for a notebook cover, right? And practical, too. With a reversible A5 notebook sleeves, you will never get bored using it. Reducing the need to constantly change covers. Add peek-a-boos in two different sizes to alternately bring regular size fountain pens or pocket pens to anywhere you go. Or, bring six (6) of each size to inspire you to to write in your notebooks or journal using 12 inked pens.😊

Give this Vintage Notebook Pen Wraps a try. Or buy it to give to one or to three friends separately. Our wraps make perfect gifts for any occasion.👌

Note: The notebook wrap/sleeve in this set will fit the Hobonichi A5, locally made Veco A5 size or any notebook with similar size snugly. Compared to other Gav & Sav A5 reversible notebook sleeves, the sleeves of this particular set are wider to give it a “book like” effect and feel, or a spine like design. Patience is required to insert the notebook to prevent it from getting damaged.

Weight .2495 kg
Dimensions 33.02 × 14.5 × 14.5 cm


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