Multi wrap bundles

Buying gift in sets with multiple product line included is always economical than buying individually. But what do you do with a lot of pen wraps and notebook sleeves, you may ask. Of course, what else but to enjoy them!! Use them for your own pleasure to keep safe your collection of fine writing instruments and to secure your notebooks. You may also give them away as presents to family and friends.

In this section you will find multi wrap bundles or sets with three or more items. The more items included in a set, the more discount you get. And the more products there are in a set, the better for you to choose for your own specific need and usage. Also, there will be more products you can give to pen friends, individually, in pairs, or mix and match for gifting during the holidays, special events and occasions of your love ones.

Our multi wrap bundles and gift sets are fun creations that caters to different needs. We make them in different combinations so that you can choose which one best suit your specific requirement.

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