1A Mix and match set


  • Branded Eclectic Elements Fabric
  • Made of cotton material
  • Washable
  • Fountain pen friendly items

Out of stock

Gav & Sav’s mix and match set, fountain pen friendly pieces for all your varying needs; inspired by years of artful crafting and sewing for our friends, and for the local fountain pen community customers.

At Gav & Sav, our products are sold as separates or individual pieces, in pairs, or in different pairing sets. To make sure that we cater to different needs and requirements, our special gift sets contain most if not all of our different product categories in different sizes and style. But unlike the other “fixed” sets, this line listing allows you to buy only what you like in matching pairs. Or buy the entire set (to avail of discounted price👌).

To make our top-drawer pen wraps and notebook sleeves, we’ve sourced beautiful fabrics. These are combined with different colored lining and accents, like this vintage looking fabric which is paired with distressed dark grey fabric. And then we come up with different pen wraps and notebook jacket styles. This listing however do not reflect the price of the entire set. It is only meant to show all the different designs that we have available. It is also listed as “out of stock”, although, in actual we have these readily available. Of course we can make a private listing of any pair from this mix and match set for you. Feel free to send us a quick message to tell us which items you want included. Or if you want the entire set. 😉

By the way, we also have them readily available in other colored lining combination. Follow this link to the notebook sleeve listing to see all the possible color combination.🙂



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