Double Layer Pen Organizer

The double layered pen wrap like all our pen wraps has individual pen slots to keep each pen kept inside from scratching each other.

The story behind the double layered wrap and the 20-pen slots burrito

We drew our inspirations from conversations with our clients. In the early months of 2018, one of our customers wanted a pen wrap with flap that can fit more than 10 fountain pens. To be exact 20-pen slots. And although we were able to make the “burrito” pen wrap with 20-pen slots, it was different from the 6-slots which inspired the birth of the double layered wrap.

After several cut fabrics and attempts to sew it, we were able to create this type of wrap towards the end of 2018.To date this kind of pen storage had the most variations and each revision inspired the creation of our other pen wrap designs.

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