Purple Fountain Pen Holders, Artisanal Slim & Pen Kimono Set


    • Slim/compact pen wrap
      • With adjustable flap
      • Featuring a two-layer design
      • The lower layer can be used for mini pens while upper wide slot can accommodate longer pens that goes beyond the slot height since the flap is adjustable
        • Approximated measurements as follows:
          • Upper slot height 5.30” (13.5 cm)
          • Lower pen slot total height x width 4.33” x 3” (11 cm x 7.5 cm)
          • Width of individual lower layer pen slot: 1.18-1.38” (3-3.5 cm)
        • Can accommodate pens with a height of 6″ (15.24 cm)
        • Weight of the slim pen wrap is 31 grams
    • Pen kimono
      • The pen case width is narrow at the bottom compared to its opening
      • With adjustable flap to accommodate height of pen tucked in the pen case
        • Approximated measurements as follows:
          • Total height of pen case 9.44” (24 cm)
          • Width of bottom: 1.5” (3.8 cm)
        • Can accommodate pens with a height of 6.9″ (17.50 cm)
        • Weight of the pen kimono is 13 grams
    • Total combined weight of 44 grams

Note:  There might be a slight variance in the measurements as the products were hand-sewn one at a time.

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Artisanal Slim & Pen Kimono Set by Gav & Sav, quality and fun creations for every fountain pen enthusiast.

Our products are well known to match varying customer needs and requirements. And we make it a point to personally select, and cut the fabrics so that the prints end up in the right places to make each of our product beautiful. We combine prints with distressed looking fabrics such as those from the Tim Holtz fabric collection to give each product set its own unique character. The slim pen wrap and pen kimono will hold your light colored daily workhorse pens nicely. With its dark background, the pens you will keep inside will be showcased better. But of course it can be used for darker pens or any kind of fountain pen. Afterall, our products are breathable and fountain pen friendly; making it the best choice for all types of fountain pens. Try these purple fountain pen holders today!!


Weight .044 kg
Dimensions 24 × 8.5 × 2 cm


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