Grey 6-slots Pen Roll


    • Made of cotton material
    • 6-individual pen slots with flap and cloth tie to close and secure pens
    • Regular size approximate measurements:
      • L x W: 9.5” x 7.5” (24.13 cm x 19.05 cm)
      • Pen slot width: 1.5” (3.8 cm)
      • Pen slot length: 5.25” (13.33 cm)
      • Can accommodate pens with a height of 6.9″ (comfortable 6.5″)
      • Weight of pen wrap: 80 grams


  • Note:  There might be a slight variance in the measurements as the products were hand-sewn one at a time.

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Artisanal Grey 6-slots Pen Roll by Gav & Sav, an elegant and stylishly fashionable fabric pen case for any type of fountain pens!

We love to work on fabrics with different colors. And we shop for fabric colors of varying shades, tints and tones so that we have at least 2-4 variations to mix and match. This allows us to come up with a different look, feel and style for every product created. We also love distressed looking fabrics especially those with ink-like blots and stain design. They do not only look textured and pretty, they are also fantastic in absorbing accidental ink smears and smudges that adds up to its character. For this Grey 6-slots Pen Roll, we used a pale and mottled grey and we combined it with a rich, old mauve to come up with a simple yet stunning pen wrap. This wrap will not only prettily carry 6 of your fountain pens. It will also be a safe and cozy home for your fine writing instrument.

It has individual pen slots to keep pens from bumping into each other. Keeping them away to prevent scratches. Also, the slots are neither to wide nor too narrow. But just right to prevent them from slipping out. A fold-over flap further provide extra cover and support as well as cushion for the pens inside. Wonderful and very good looking, right? Make sure to get another one for your growing collection!

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Weight .08 kg
Dimensions 24.13 × 19.05 × 1 cm


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