Distressed Orchid Fountain Pen Roll

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    • Fountain Pen Friendly
    • Not mass produced
    • Made one-at-a-time using woven, cotton fabrics
    • Fabrics have some watercolor washout appeal or distressed appearances
    • Washable and eco-friendly
    • 6-individual pen slots
    • With flap for extra pad and protection
    • Plastic cord to close and secure pens
    • Regular size approximate measurements:
      • L x W: 9.5” x 7.5” (24.13 cm x 19.05 cm)
      • Pen slot width 1.5” (3.8 cm)
      • Pen slot length 5.25” (13.33 cm)
      • Can accommodate pens with a height of 6.9″ (comfortable 6.5″)
      • Weight of pen wrap 80 grams

Note:  Our products are cut and made by at least two pairs of hands alternately working on them. As such, the final product may have a slight variance in measurements.

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Distressed Orchid Fountain Pen Roll Gav & Sav, a pretty, distressed looking fabric wrap to carry six fountain pens in style. 💜

At Gav & Sav we always have the right wrap to match any fountain pen and every fountain pen user needs and requirements. We have them in an array of prints and colors. So, you can perfectly match your pens, your moods and lifestyle anytime.

Whether for daily use or for storing pens, our pen rolls make wonderful homes for fountain pens. They are soft, yet sturdy. They are also easily rolled to fit any bag and even the small spaces inside cabinets when you need to keep fountain pens that go out of rotation. Our pen wraps and pen rolls are also highly breathable. They keep pens cozily protected all the time without you worrying about pen metal parts rusting. They are also washable and eco-friendly. Most of all, they are all unique. While it is true that fabric pen wraps are getting common, we still make ours uniquely beautiful. Just browse our collection and you will know that we do not mass produce our wraps. 🙂

For this distressed fountain pen roll, we used two kinds of woven fabrics. The outer cover and pen slots uses a distressed amethyst-colored fabric with textured like print. It is accented by a dusty lavender lining for a beautiful contrast and background for the pens that will be kept inside. A black, wrap-around cord type with a colored shell charm completes this wrap. Classy and full of character, this distressed wrap shows different hues of purply magenta. It has dark plum lines and circular peachy spots as well as patches of pinks and lilac. And many more purple hues that makes this wrap appear like it has a texture, except that this one is actually smooth. It is such a gorgeous wrap to showcase any fountain pen. Try it!!

Buy this wrap to give your pens a pretty purple home, or get it for a pen friend who loves this color. You can also choose other gift items here which are perfect for any occasion. Or message us to inquire about other wraps. Our wraps are not only great for personal use, they are also perfect and timeless gifts for any occasion. 👌



Weight .08 kg
Dimensions 24.13 × 19.05 × 1 cm


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