Bunnies Pen Wrap

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    • Soft and durable
    • Lining and tie have a watercolor washout appearance
    • 6-individual pen slots to protect 6 pens from scratching each other
    • With flap and cloth tie enclosure to secure pens
    • Regular size with the following approximated measurements
      • L x W: 9.5” x 7.5” (24.13 cm x 19.05 cm)
      • Pen slot width: 1.5” (3.8 cm)
      • Pen slot length: 5.25” (13.33 cm)
      • Can accommodate pens with a height of 6.9″ (comfortable 6.5″)
      • Weight of pen wrap: 80 grams

Note:  There might be a slight variance in the measurements as the products were hand-sewn one at a time.

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PEN WRAPs by Gav & Sav, chic fountain-pen friendly pen rolls that lets you express yourself the way you want to.

At Gav and Sav we offer a wide selection of fountain-pen friendly pen rolls, pen sleeves and pen cases in an array of designs. We make them out of fabrics, with prints and colors that matches pens and their owners. We mix and match different fabrics to come up with unique pieces, all thoughtfully made to consider, style, preferences and everyday carry requirement. Our fun pen wraps are fantastic in doing its job in keeping and securing pens. And they are just as wonderful in infusing some entertaining aspects into your day. They could even complement hobbies and special interests.

This pink pen wrap is pretty and utilitarian in every way. It has bunnies print a flap. It has 6-individual pen slot to carry six of your prettiest pens in style and fashion. Light, compact and portable for everyday use, or for storing pens that are out of rotation until you are ready to use them again.

Get this Pink Bunnies wrap at a discounted price! But before you do, please read on the disclosure below:

  • The tie of this wrap is joined together. Instead of using a long fabric to make the tie, we combined two short pieces of pink fabrics because we ran out of pink fabric while making this wrap. Nevertheless, it is still made sturdy and beautiful.


Weight .08 kg
Dimensions 24.13 × 19.05 × 1 cm


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