30-slots Fountain Pen Roll

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    • Well constructed cotton fabric pen case for 30 fountain pens!
    • Distressed cotton fabric
    • Postal print cover over coffee stained parchment looking taupe fabric
    • Lining and tie in distressed brown
    • Flapless for easy pen access
    • Regular size
    • Approximate measurements:
      • L x W: 38” x 6” (96.52 cm x 15.24 cm)
      • Pen slot width 1.30” (3.25 cm)
      • Pen slot length 6” (15.24 cm)
      • Can accommodate pens with a height of 6″ and below (comfortable 6″)
    • Comes with a free pouch to keep the peek-a-boo and pens together
      • Weight of pen wrap and pouch 168 grams

Note: Β There might be a slight variance in the measurements as the products were hand-sewn one at a time.



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Gav & Sav 30-slots Fountain Pen Roll with pouch, a practical, portable, fountain pen-friendly and space saving pen roll for 30 fountain pens! πŸ–‹οΈ

The peek-a-boo type of pen wrap is one of the most popular products among our customers because of its easy access to all pens feature. This is available in various sizes to accommodate varying needs. What’s wonderful about peek-a-boos are its versatility and its light weight. They are convenient and useful to use when transporting pens or for storing pens that go out of rotation.

The peek-a-boos could be laid flat or rolled. And when rolled, you can even put one side flap down to better see and admire each and every inserted fountain pen. Peek-a-boos are also great pen wraps to display pens. With it it’s easy to catalogue pen collections into colors, style, make and brands. Also, into most used or unused pens for easy and systematic organization. You can even use it as accent in the working area when you use it in a mug or glass to showcase your pens. Like all our products, Gav & Sav peek-a-boo pen wraps are great for managing spaces, too. And we have them in varying pen slots so you will find just the right one for your need.πŸ‘Œ

Postal Print, 30-slotted pen roll πŸ”₯

Imagine fitting 30 pieces of fountain pens easily inside your drawer. Think about the space you will have for more things like inks and notebooks, or more pens! You can even carry this easily inside your bag!! So, you have more fun during breaks at the office, or when travelling. It also makes it convenient to bring 30-pens for show and tell during pen meets. And you will never have to worry about pens bumping into each other. Because it has individual pen slots. Furthermore, with its cotton material you can be assured that it is breathable. It won’t cause pen body stains nor will it cause pen metal parts to rust.

Try it!! And while at it, get yourself a matching notebook wrap to go with it. Or send us a message to order your notebook wrap here. πŸ˜‰

Weight .168 kg
Dimensions 64.77 × 15.24 × 15.24 cm


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