Slim & Compact Fountain Pen Case

With ever changing styles to match different moods and occasions, the right number of pens to bring to the office, to that meeting, and wherever you are going is as always, in great lengths being carefully planned by most if not all fountain pen enthusiasts. Some days you’d want to bring ten or more pens. Still, some days may require just two or three, depending on how much notebooks, and other stuff you are carrying in a single bag.

The slim pen wrap/pen case is perfect for that occasion when you are happy to just bring one, may be two or even three pens. But, if you don’t mind some pens to be closely kept with each other, this pen wrap can carry five pens!

Slim and compact enough to fit in the corner of your bag or held by hand, it is flexible for any taste and preference.

This type of pen organizer has two layers. The lower layer has two-individual slots while the upper layer is a single wide opening. Originally designed for something else like cards and bills, but then, fountain pen folks rarely use them for that intention. To most, that wide slot is meant for more pens to bring. After all, more pens are always fun.

Get yours today or buy to give to your favorite pen person. There are many different colors, prints and themes to choose from. Match them with your pens and use it however you feel it.

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